What Backpacking Through Europe Taught Me About Myself

Ahyiana Angel Essence 7-27-14

On the last day of my travels through Europe, I felt small. It was a realization that this world is massive and I have so much more to explore. I didn’t feel defeated. I felt empowered. When I planned to spend 110 days in Europe, I admittedly expected that the experience would change me in a drastic Oprah aha-moment type of way. During the second half of the trip, as I stared off into the picturesque scenery from the Pont Neuf Bridge in Paris, I realized I wasn’t a disastrous person in need of great change. I was an eager person itching to experience more. 

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Ahyiana Angel

Is Rape a Joke to Our Youth?


On the 4th of July my aunt and uncle allowed their son, my sixteen-year-old cousin, to have a few friends over. The small gathering consisted of a few boys and two girls. At the end of the night the boys stayed over and the girls needed to make their way home. Unbeknownst to my uncle, who had ran to the store, the girls began walking. Just two teenagers, oblivious of the potential danger, headed clear across the city at 1:30 in the morning. They hadn’t got far when my uncle spotted them on his way back from the store. He pulled over. He demanded to know what they were doing walking at that time of morning. The girls hopped in his car and he headed back home to scold his son before dropping the two girls off. My uncle was disappointed that his son had used such poor judgment in allowing his young lady friends to venture out into the night alone. He used this incident as a teaching moment for all of the boys staying at the house that night. His words were not light when he expressed his concern that they did not see the error in this scenario. “You were raised better than that, you know better than that,” he said to his son. He also shared with the young ladies that they should never tolerate that type of disrespectful behavior from anyone…his son included.

My first thought when my uncle shared this story was that my cousin’s young friends could have been kidnapped, raped, or killed during that innocent ninety-minute walk. Then last week the Internet was buzzing with the news of a Houston teen, Jada, whose alleged rape went viral. It is believed that she was slipped a laced cocktail at a house party, became unconscious, only to wake up not knowing what happened to her. It seems that the assault was not reported initially, which is giving some people cause to speculate if she was in fact raped. Outrage followed when her alleged attackers thought that it would be a brilliant idea to post images of, what seemed to be, her unconscious half clothed body all over social media. They treated it as a joke. A sickening hashtag #jadapose soon followed with disturbing images of mostly young boys mimicking the posing of her limp body.

How could anyone closely associated to this incident or not, make light of such a violating experience? Is rape now something to joke about? Parents can’t monitor their children constantly, but just as my uncle did in the above story, you have to take time out to talk to your children in those teachable moments. I wonder if the parents of the children who made light of this situation are even aware of their children’s insensitive actions? Do the participants of the viral explosion even realize how disrespectful their actions were? Not just disrespectful to the young lady Jada, but to themselves as well. A potential rape situation is not a trendy thing to be a part of. It’s not excusable to make light of someone’s potential pain and embarrassment. Yet somehow I get the feeling that point is being lost on our youth.

It seems apparent these days that young impressionable minds are becoming driven by the idea of social media celebrity. They lack good sense when it comes to the lure of likes and retweets. They are looking for perceived notoriety at all costs. Is social media truly making all of us insensitive? Is it creating the largest follower mentality that we will ever know?

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Preseason Love Happy Hour – SF

Everyone is invited! Come out JULY 31 and enjoy cocktails and conversations with a quality crowd in San Francisco.

This is my first time hosting in the city so let’s make it special! Feel free to tell a friend, bring a friend, or even drag a friend along :-).

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Let Me Help You

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Suck It And Love It


We were gathered around the table, drinks in hand, chatting and sipping like ladies typically do when engaging in girl’s night out festivities. Our booth was just big enough to fit five women and their chic Thursday night fashions. Two single, two dating, and one taken, aka married. Our second round was quickly coming to a close when the married friend slammed her glass against the table. She tilted her head back, and with her eyes to the ceiling, she declared, “I really don’t like sucking d*ck you guys!”

A hush fell over the table. Some faces turned to concern and others to confusion. Okay, I’ll admit that I was in the confused category. My naive little fantasy mind just reasoned that you had to be a member of the EDSC (Expert D*ck Sucking Club) to get someone to commit to forever with you, to marry you. Hell, for you to even get fianc’d. That’s my word. Yes, I made it up and I like it.

Anyway, I needed more so I inquired, “But you’re married. Who the hell married your non d*ck sucking ass?!”

She’s my boo thang, plus I was at her wedding so it was a rhetorical question. I knew her husband. He was a stand up gentleman. Maybe he was simply being extremely patient with his wife.

Then another friend, little miss sassy, eagerly chimed in, “Well personally, I love it! And my man loves it too.” We couldn’t help but laugh. Although, strangely enough she may have sparked a good question: if you like performing fellatio does that lend you to being better at it?

After a few slick comments and many questions, we got down to the basics. My married friend didn’t like the act. She didn’t feel that she was good at fellatio. It wasn’t something that she was eager to master. Maybe her insecurity about her skill level was clouding her ability to be great. However, she knew that she’d better get into the act or risk her husband getting his needs met elsewhere. Even though there wasn’t any known threat of him cheating she didn’t want to take that risk.

This made me think. How important is oral in a relationship? Sure, not every man requires it, but I’m guessing that if you took a survey most adults would admit to enjoying good oral. So even if it’s not a requirement for happiness, it may be an enjoyable added bonus.

Miss sassy, who thoroughly enjoyed performing fellatio, ran down a list of her favorite tips while we all sat captivated. One of the key things that she offered was to relax and be open to the interaction.

A few weeks later we received an update from our married girlfriend. She reported that her skill level was consistently progressing and her husband had been pleased with her improvements. Maybe she just needed to talk about it to gain that positive encouragement…I don’t know.

So what do you think…do you have to like performing fellatio to be great at doing it? In general do most women enjoy being the giver? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Robin Thicke – Get Her Back


Robin Thicke’s latest album “Paula” is dedicated to his estranged wife, actress Paula Patton. This is no secret. The media has been all over this new project because of the obvious juicy nature, which they love. Some people are wondering if this is a publicity stunt for the promotion of the album. Hot 97 radio personality Ebro asked Thicke directly about the potential publicity factor in a recent interview. He denied an ulterior motive being in play. The looming troubles of the couple’s relationship had been playing out for months.

I recently posted an image to Instagram that read “Someone who loves you wouldn’t put themselves in a position to lose you.” Now it seems that Thicke has successfully lost Patton. He is vying to get her back, on a public stage. Is this a smart way to go about attempting to right your wrongs? Can a public display of remorse make a person fall back into a lover’s arms?


Most people don’t want their friends and family to know that they are having problems in their relationship, so I’m sure that they would not want the world to know. It’s embarrassing to find out that your partner has been cheating on you. We knew that Thicke had been dragged through the mud in the media for a few scandalous moments. Although, Patton remained mum through it all. Thicke has since admitted that he was a habitual liar. The result of this latest music project seems to be when the lies stop. But is he being self-centered? Is all of this about him and his loss, his desire to get his wife back, his desire to have his family back? He has decided to come clean and face his bad decisions head on, but does that make it okay to drag her business through the mud with him? It makes you wonder if all of the attention will simply drive her further away from reconciling with him?

I’m not sure what his plan is, but in many cases people need time before they can even consider reconciliation. I just wonder if this album is jamming what he wants down her throat. When do you let go? How do you decide that you have pleaded your case and now you have to let life take its course? I guess we will just have to see how this works out for the smooth crooner.

In the meantime, share your thoughts via social media or below. Would you be flattered or humiliated by this type of public campaign for your forgiveness?

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Ahyiana Angel

Passion For Breakfast…

I felt like I was watching a movie. An out-of-body experience where I was witnessing the end. I had missed the beginning of the movie though. The part where you can predict what the character holding the gun is going to do. Yes, she was my wife, but at this point we were strangers.

My wife’s gun had clicked so fast that I had not time to move. I closed my eyes knowing that death was upon me.  It all happened so fast I didn’t see the bullet zip past my head. The fear temporarily paralyzed my entire body. I thought that I was hit. Then I heard Kalisa scream out, “No!”

I snapped out of my paralysis. I rolled off of Kalisa and sat up looking at my wife. Her eyes were empty. No scowl on her face. Barely any emotion at all. I realized that up until this moment she had not spoken a word. The bullet that she fired landed in the wall. It was either a warning shot or a last-minute decision.

Kalisa began pleading for her life. She was apologizing incessantly for her betrayal. Her emotion was sincere. Staring at the black piece of lethal steel in my wife’s hand, I knew that I had to chime in. I called to her. Tried to distract her gaze that was fixated on Kalisa. But she didn’t flinch. I apologized, vowed to never stray again, pleaded with her to put the gun down. I made one last-ditch effort to distract her. The gun was now pointed at Kalisa’s head.

“Do you still love me?” I yelled.

My wife jerked her head to look at me. I searched her face for an answer. A sign of retreat. She looked away. Then she pulled the trigger and shot Kalisa in the head. I saw her hand squeeze.  I heard the pop ringing in my ears. I felt Kalisa’s warm blood splatter onto the side of my face. I smelled my own fear in the air.

In a matter of minutes I went from being in a love scene to a murder scene. My wife looked at me, she held her icy glare on my face for what felt like hours. I was staring down the barrel of her gun again. Then she lowered it. She backed up and walked out of the bedroom.


Ahyiana Angel



Passion For Breakfast Cont.

There I sat, in the pit of lust, that I admittedly helped to build. I was in too deep. Our moves had become sloppy, reckless even. After that first morning at breakfast, there was no turning back. At every free moment I slipped over to Kalisa’s apartment. The lust was in full bloom.

Kalisa was in love with me. She had demanded that we go out for dinner and drinks since my wife was out of town on a business trip. I reluctantly agreed. I typically tried to avoid public outings with my mistress – and best friend of my wife. After dinner we relocated to a cozy booth by the bar where we kissed and held hands as lovers do. By midnight we were feeling sufficiently inebriated. It was time to go back to Kalisa’s place for a nightcap nudist style.

Kalisa and I were all over one another. After a year of fooling around we were in familiar territory. I kissed her with force and passion as we stumbled down the hallway to her bedroom. We had been through this routine before so we fumbled to the bed without bothering to turn any light on. Kalisa began moaning. She was yearning for my love. Our bodies were half clothed and sprawled across the scarlet red sheets on her bed. I slid down in between her thighs. Then the lights came on. I was confused, so I popped my head up to look around. It didn’t take but one nano second to see my wife standing by the bedroom door. Her gun clicked. It was aimed at my head. Kalisa screeched in terror. But that didn’t stop my wife from moving closer. She was closing the gap between us, and intensifying the fear. I felt Kalisa’s fingernails digging into my arm.

I opened my mouth to utter only God knows what, but in that same moment…the gun went off.

To be continued on Sunday.

Ahyiana Angel

Passion For Breakfast

I’m not sure how I got here but now I’m dead. My life as I know it is over.

My name is Melvin and I’m about to be murdered by my wife. But before she takes me out, I’m writing you this letter. I never meant to hurt her, so please tell the police my side if I don’t make it.

It all started when my wife’s friend Kalisa decided to dump her deadbeat boyfriend of six years. She was miserable. Trying to save her from her depressing existence, my wife invited her to stay the night at our house a few times. Be there for moral support. It wasn’t my thing so I let them have their female time when they needed it.

One morning I walked into the kitchen after a night out with my boys to find Kalisa making breakfast. She said that my wife had ran to the store. That was pretty typical of my little Susie homemaker so I didn’t sweat it. I sat down at the table. But I was having trouble with my eyes because I couldn’t stop starring at Kalisa’s supple breast spilling from her top. I shook my head to block my mind from processing the visual. As I was about to take a gulp of my coffee Kalisa leaned over me and those same supple breast brushed up against my shoulder. It was like a spark shocked us both. I tried to clear my throat and look away. But when I looked back, her eyes were locked on mine. Then her lips. I couldn’t pull away. I was weak.

That moment of weakness somehow turned into two years later, and now I was trapped in a fire pit of lust, no way out…

To be continued on Thursday.

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The Pink Of Her Innocence

She couldn’t put her finger on it, but something was not right. Her husband had never been unfaithful, but there was a first time for everything. Yet, she didn’t think that he was cheating. He wasn’t staying out all night. He didn’t lie about where he was going. She was confused…unsure what to think. Her gut was telling her that the dynamic in her house had changed though. Things were different.

With her feet kicked up on the black leather ottoman, she continued to stare at the television. The third Lifetime movie in a row filled the flat screen like background noise. The teenage daughter whom she shared custody of – with her first husband – flicked her fingers up and down the screen of her neon pink iPhone. She was not phased by her mother’s troubled disposition.

The mother couldn’t contain her messy thoughts anymore. She blurted out, “Do you think your step father is a good man?”

“What do you mean?” Her daughter’s dry response.

“Something is not right…” she hadn’t finished her sentence when she noticed her daughter’s eyes roll with disdain.

Her stomach began to ache. She looked in her daughter’s eyes without saying a word. Did her daughter know something that she didn’t know. Had she witnessed her husband acting inappropriately with another woman?

“Do you know something?”

Her daughter didn’t answer. She simply stood up and left the room.

Being caught up in her own thoughts, she dismissed the immediate exit as typical teenage behavior. She paced around the house racking her brain as to how she could ease her mind and body of the tension that she was feeling. Her husband’s car was in the driveway. He had gone motorcycle riding with his friends.  She took this opportunity to snoop around a bit. She hardly ever rode in his car. The spare key was in the metal kitchen canister as usual. The front door slammed shut and she was poking through the glove compartment within minutes. A few papers were stacked in the corner but nothing unusual. She moved on to search the back seat, under the seats, and then the trunk. If her husband of ten years wanted to conceal something the trunk was a typical hiding place. The gym bag was the first thing the paranoid wife set her eyes on.

It didn’t take long for her to spot a bright pink ball of cotton. She pulled at the fabric and revealed a pair of women’s boy shorts. They said PINK across the bum. Rage took over her emotions. She knew that she didn’t own any such panties. But she knew who did.

Her feet barely touched the ground as she sped up the driveway and through the front door. The anger rose as she played out horrific scenarios in her mind. She clutched the pink panties in her hand. She burst into her daughter’s room. The normally moody teenager was now stunned. She sat silent. Her eyes said it all. But the distraught wife had to know for sure. She didn’t want her hunch to be true, but she needed to hear it.

As the words dropped like heavy weights off of her tongue, she asked, “Has he been having sex with you?”

He daughter’s eyes were filled with tears. She tried to stand, but before she could, she doubled over as vomit spewed from her gut.

Her mother needed confirmation no more. It made her sick to her stomach as well.

Mothers, please pay attention to your children of all ages. I hate stories like this, but they need to be told.

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