Hey Hey Hey!

This post is a little shameless self love, plus a little show and tell. So I posted the photo above to my social media accounts yesterday and the feedback was awesome so thanks to all of you lovelies.

My caption for the photo read: The mixtape of my words that is my blog. Now, I used to think I was a rapper back when I was like 11 but FYI, this is not my official mixtape. That ship has sailed. However, funny enough, the same uncle that I used to ride around with free styling my 16-bars to as a kid is the one who asked, “Niece, you got a mixtape?” That was after I showed him the image that I created above. I had to laugh, but it was a valid question and it made me realize that my blog is my mixtape. It’s my expression, it’s my stories, which have their own rhythm, and I grew up on Hip Hop so it’s just what comes natural.

A huge thank you to all of you for your continued support via reading my material, telling a friend, liking my FB, etc.

Special shout out to my mom the photog :-)! Love ya!

Ahyiana Angel

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